D17A Engine for Sale

D17A was launched in 2000 and that has instantly become the major model in Honda D series. The D17A engine is 8 percent lighter than D16, even with the amplified displacement.  Engineers toughened the D17 cylinder block, but its height remained the same at 212mm. In the cylinder block, the engineers installed a 94.4mm crankshaft stroke, latest pistons with 30mm height compression and 137mm long joining rods. All this offers extra 100cc, which improved the displacement to 1.7lts.

The cylinder block was enclosed by 16-valve SOHC head, but with customized intake ports and enhanced combustion valves. The intake valve size was 30mm; 26mm exhaust valves, and 5.5mm of stem diameter valve. The timing belt of D17 was a bit narrower than the D16 timing belt so it needs to be restored after every 60,000 miles, and if it gets damaged, then the valve will bend. However, there are some cases where it didn’t have even when the timing belt broke.

In D17A, valves need to adjust after every 24,000 miles. The clearances of the valve for the cold engine are 0.18 to 0.22mm for intake valves, and exhaust valves 0.23 to 0.27.  While designing the D17a Engine, they made the intake valve was replaced with a plastic one that is perfect for mid-range torque. An innovative exhaust manifold contains a catalytic converter was used to improve ecological emissions.

The firing order of D17 A was 1-3-4-2 and the size of the injector stock fuel was 240cc. This D17A engine is from D series and this series also integrates D12 to D16 engine models. Honda D17A engine production lasted till 2007, and then this model was replaced by the latest R18A.

Honda D17A Engine Differences & Mods

D17A engine was a JDM version that contains 9.9 compression ratio and a VTEC system. It has 132 HP power at 6,300rpm and has the torque of 160Nm at 4,800rpm. The D17A engine was placed in Honda Civic 7 gen.  D17A1 was designed for USDM version with no VTEC head and the compression ratio was decreased to 9.5 and its power was around 117 HP at 6,100rpm, and 149Nm torque at 4,500rpm. This engine was installed in Honda Civic 7gen.

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